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6 minutes ago
yavirginia Virginia C ( @yavirginia )

Just added my first ever IG TV 📺 to feature my outfits of the day! Click below or click story for detail💕💄bit.ly/2obqPr7

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an hour ago
raghul77ster Raghul Hitman ( @raghul77ster )

Mustard!!! See 3rd pic to check how I mounted on the camera you have any confusions 👉👉👉 How to use any lens as a macro lens? This is a fun test of using Takumar 55mm f2 on a Nikon D3500. Attached an AI to nex Mount in the rear of M42 to Nex adapter. Tip: You can always fit an AI to nex on any the part of Sony e mount. Though it will be little loose, you can still use it like 2 in 1 combo (Reverse ring adapter + Extension tube) By the way, welcoming a Nikon D3500 to my family 👪 😜

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